Dear neighbour,


When we first arrived in Sudan it was just Sudan, a great country. But we witnessed the birth of a new country: South Sudan. Now we are in the capital of the north, Khartoum, and even though I get lost in the geography and the history and the reasons of men, even though this land is divided, it is still great.

Nothing is small in Sudan; nothing is mild or discreet. The smiles are big, the love and care enormous, the streets wide; the desert is everywhere, the heat scorching; the portions of food at restaurants and homes are large, the generosity and friendship abundant.

The suffering, difficulties and conflicts you can find here are also huge, but since so many people have already embraced the difficult task of talking about them; I don’t have to. I will stay in the stronger light as you, my friend, would say.

This is my Sudan. This is my experience with it and how I translate it. And I hope you can enjoy it from there, our brave little corner of the world.


Yours truly,





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