Dear neighbour,


Few other drinks in the world can speak to your soul as Sudanese coffee does.

If you ask 10 different people for the recipe, you will have 10 different versions of it. And all of them will be exquisite. The herbs will vary according to taste – ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves – and the method according to the utensils available.

The rules:DearNeighbourSudaneseCoffee01

  • A very strong source of heat: burning charcoal or a kitchen stove top.
  • A metal pan to heat the water with the coffee and the chosen spices, which can be toasted and ground together beforehand to add flavour.
  • A strainer to hold the bits and piece of spices and coffee, allowing just the flavour to run free through the liquid.
  • Add a pinch of charm, and serve it in delicate small cups and a jebena, the traditional Sudanese coffeepot.
  • Add sugar to taste. Or just have it with some dates for an express trip to the land of the One Thousand and One Nights



Yours truly,





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